Has Your Business’ Survival Hit Crisis Mode?

Moving workers to remote VPN?

Managing 5x the data generated by firewalls?

LogZilla’s Network Event Orchestrator pre-filters your network events decreasing data volume by 97% in less than 10 minutes

Data Congestion Woes?

Its Simple: Reduce the Number of Logs Collected and Stored

IoT Projects Demand More Data

Orchestrated Events Reduce Costs by Over 97%

When Your Data Evolves
Your Business Does, Too

Three Easy Steps to
Lower Your Log Tools Costs in
Less Than 10 Minutes 

Frequently Asked Questions

LogZilla FAQ

LogZilla is licensed based on the amount of Events Per Day that you send to the server. Our data clustering feature is an algorithm which condenses billions of entries into a narrow set, but still tracks every event down to the millisecond. In doing so, we are able to save up to 95% of the disk space needed to store your data..

LZ NEO can also set up automations based on triggers and scripts

LogZilla's Network Event Orchestrator processes events in real-time. Even at high scale (20+TB/day). The second that an event comes in, is the same second that it is parsed, indexed, alerted, and searchable.

Yes, in fact, you can retain data forever. If you have an on-premise deployment, simply add more storage. If you want to expand your system, you won't need a bank loan to pay for it - like you do for other software.

Using LZ NEO, you can pre-filter your events before you send it downstream to Splunk or ELK. Its our patent for pre-duplication that allows you to eliminate 97% of your storage and server licensing costs in the first 5 minutes.

LogZilla is the only vendor that can ingest and index over 20TB of data per day on a single server

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April 08

The Five Minute SOAR Install

The Five Minute SOAR Install

April 22

SIEM & SOAR - What's Still Missing?

Both SOAR and SIEM are designed to provide quality of life solutions to SOC teams. What can be added to either to maximize data's value?

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